About the Scottish Airshow

The Scottish International Airshow

Since 2014, the Scottish International Airshow has been bringing the very best in flight displays to Scotland. After the close of the Leuchars Airshow in 2013, Danny Anderson and Doug Maclean decided to bring the Scottish public a new airshow, based in Ayrshire. The first show, in 2014, attracted 60,000 spectators at the Ayr Low Green, who thrilled to the first Ayrshire-based show since 1992. In 2015, the show grew to over 100,000 spectators, who were treated to the Avro Vulcan bomber, as it thundered over the crowd for one of the last times before it was retired. In 2016 the show had an exciting first for Scotland. In addition to a full day of flying on Saturday, the Airshow was proud to present a Friday night flying display by Aerosparx, whose LED covered planes sparkle in the night sky. With fireworks to follow, it was a night to remember! In 2017 the show changed format once again to be a full weekend Saturday and Sunday airshow event with full flying programmes each day. Highlights were the F-16 Fighter Display from Belgium, the RAF Typhoon fighter, the Battle of Britain memorial flight and The Red Arrows. Significant firsts for TSIA was the participation from the USAF for the first time and the first modern Civil Airliner and Civil Carrier to perform a full air display with Loganair's SAAB. For 2018 there will be more exciting International participation with a full programme of displays on both the Saturday and Sunday. For 2019 - all will be revealed in 2018 - but it will be exceptional !!Planned Dates 7th & 8th September 2019. For 2020 - TSIA returns to Ayr as a planned 3 day event including displays on the FridayPlanned Dates 4th, 5th and 6th September 2020.

Entertainment, Education & Economy

The Airshow promotes three ‘E’s – Entertainment, Education & Economy. We aim to educate and inspire young people to believe they can have a career in Aviation and Aerospace and show that Ayrshire, and Scotland, has a thriving Aerospace sector.


The Scottish International Airshow is a mammoth task that requires a lot of manpower to maintain. To achieve this we require the aid of volunteers to assist in a number of areas, and generally making the event happen! If you are interested in volunteering with the Scottish International Airshow, please contact [email protected]

The Team

The Airshow is truly a group effort. Starting months before the event, our full-time team plus hundreds of volunteers work to bring the best ground and aerial displays to Scotland.

Doug Maclean

Event Manager

Danny Anderson

Event Manager

Euan Kerr

Project Manager

Cal Reid

Assistant Event Manager